Pro Chef Knife Series

Pro Chef Knife set C : 5.91″/150mm(P)+3.54″/90mm(P)

Thursday June 15, 2023 12:00 PM On sale 10 sets/monthly limited edition

Price ¥78,000

We will deliver an exquisite kitchen set wrapped in beautiful gift packaging, consisting of two premium knives for professional use, a natural marble cutting board, a Tochigi leather knife case, a knife protection cover, and a knife sharpener.

This remarkable kitchen set is guaranteed to be appreciated, whether for personal use or as a present for someone special.

Please note that each item will be properly wrapped after receiving your order. Therefore there may be a minor delay in shipment (usually within one week).
Thursday June 15, 2023 12:00 PM On sale 10 sets/monthly limited edition

SpecPro Chef Knife set C : 5.91"/150mm(P)+3.54"/90mm(P)

Pro Knife 150mmPetty knife 7.09"/180mm For Pro
Type Petty knife
Full Length 10.83"
Weight 3.17 oz
Blade Length 5.91"
Blade Material 63 Layers of Stainless DAMASCUS
Handle Material Packer wood
Made in Tsubame-Sanjo(Japan)
2. Pro Knife3.54"
90mm Paring knife
Type Paring knife
Full Length 8.66"
Weight 2.47 oz
Blade Length 3.54"
Blade Material 63 Layers of Stainless DAMASCUS
Handle Material Packer wood
Made in Tsubame-Sanjo(Japan)
3. Natural Marble Cutting Board
Size 11.81"(L)× 6.30"(W) × 0.51"(H)
300mm(L)× 160mm(W) × 13mm(H)
Weight 3.31 lbs
Material Natural Black Marble
Country of origin India
4. Knife Sharpener
Made in Tsubame-Sanjo(Japan)
5. Leather Knife CaseTochigi leather
Leather Material Cow leather
6. Knife Protection Cover
Material PP plastic and non-woven fabric

High-hardness stainless Damascus steel

Damascus steel is high-hardness stainless steel, and the root is an Indian steel called "Wootz." Since it is almost impossible to recreate its complex manufacturing process, people nowadays call the multilayered forging material "Damascus steel." Damascus steel is widely used in premium knives because the pattern is reminiscent of Japanese swords. Our products employ stainless Damascus steel, which has excellent corrosion resistance. The core material that affects sharpness is high-hardness stainless steel (HRC61). Therefore, our knives are for professional chefs because of their excellent sharpness, which lasts longer than general household knives(HRC50-56). It is designed specifically for culinary activities, withstanding exposure to water and salt. Experience the enduring sharpness of a professional-grade knife with our stainless Damascus steel product.

Packer Wood

Our knife handles are made of multiple sheets of natural wood boards, using pressure to create materials that offer excellent strength and water resistance. They are designed for professional use. These handles are built to withstand tough water environments and can accompany chefs for extended periods.
Experience exceptional beauty exclusive to the natural world, where each wooden pattern is unique.

Blade-edge sharpening by skilled artisans.

Our skilled artisans hand-sharpen each knife with meticulous precision, ensuring unmatched sharpness. Experience the pinnacle of craftsmanship, surpassing machine-made knives.

Double Name Marking

The logo of ordinary knives is usually engraved on only one side. This knife is a special edition with double markings on both sides, as seen in the "Bushcraft Knife Prominence MH-001.

Blade-edge Regrinding

We provide a professional blade-edge regrinding service for a fee. The artisans regrind blades so you can enjoy your knife's long-lasting sharpness.

Natural Black Marble Cutting Board

This cutting board can be an elegant serving platter for cutting food and decorating cheese or other foods elegantly. Please be aware that the knife may damage the cutting board due to its hardness. Also, there are variations in color tone and pattern. Enjoy the unique designs of natural materials.
The cutting board has a special "Muthos Homura key ring (the greige-color leather key ring engraved "Muthos Homura" with silver foil). It can be detached from the cutting board and attached to your bag.

Knife Sharpener

The dedicated sharpener is attached.
If the sharpener is not enough to sharpen the blade, we recommend you use our blade-edge regrinding service for a fee.

Tochigi leather knife case

You can wrap the knife in this knife case and bring it to an outdoor activity.
This material is high-quality tanned leather. The phoenix logo of "Muthos Homura" on the button looks gorgeous.
The red tag is also attached to prove Tochigi leather's quality further.

Knife protection cover

Knife protection cover is designed to protect the blade when the knife is carried without a leather case. The color is black, and the delicate non-woven fabric inside the cover enables smooth insertion and removal of the blade. It can be used together with Tochigi leather knife case.

Gift Box

We will deliver it to you in a display box that is suitable as a gift for someone special. It is a unique and unparalleled all-in-one knife set showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of Tsubame-Sanjō.

Gift Wrapping

We provide excellent wrapping that can be gifted directly to your loved one. Please note that the wrapping is delicately applied to the inner box while the outer one is designated for shipping.

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