2-Way Pro Case for Transceiver size S


Launch on Oct.1 2024 (Global)

Price ¥2,990

A stylish case that can attach a commercially available transceiver to a backpack or belt.
Size S is a type specialized for operation with only the top dial.
It provides excellent stability by securing the antenna part of the transceiver.
The back is specially designed with a belt loop and W button to pass through the fine bands of a backpack.

Note: This is only the case for sale, the transceiver itself is not included.

1st Lot 100 Units (Shipment Around 9/1), 2nd Lot 200 Units (Shipment Around 10/1)
Launch on Oct.1 2024 (Global)


Type Professional Transceiver Case Size S
Size 3.35"(W) × 7.48"(L) × 2.36"(D)
Models ALINCO DJ-DPS70/S71 ,etc
Weight 1.76 oz
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Made in China 
Color Black 

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