Premium Knit Camping Wear


Price ¥10,400

This is the made-to-order Muthos Homura original camping wear. The logo is embroidered on the chest and right arm.

Ships the same day.


Color Black
Size SS, S, M, L, LL, 3L
Material Flame-resistant special fiber
Yarn Made with ‘Toray’ Alpha fiber
Made In Japan
Size Details SS: Length 24.8"(63cm) / Chest 35.4"(90cm) / Shoulder width 16.5"(42cm) / Sleeve length 7.9"(20cm)
S: Length 26.0"(66cm) / Chest 37.8"(96cm) / Shoulder width 17.3"(44cm) / Sleeve length 8.3"(21cm)
M: Length 27.2"(69cm) / Chest 40.2"(102cm) / Shoulder width 18.1"(46cm) / Sleeve length 8.7"(22cm)
L: Length 28.3"(72cm) / Chest 42.5"(108cm) / Shoulder width 18.9"(48cm) / Sleeve length 9.1"(23cm)
LL: Length 29.5"(75cm) / Chest 44.9"(114cm) / Shoulder width 19.7"(50cm) / Sleeve length 9.4"(24cm)
3L: Length 30.7"(78cm) / Chest 47.2"(120cm) / Shoulder width 20.5"(52cm) / Sleeve length 9.8"(25cm)

For those who love and live with the flame, we present to you a premium garment made from Japanese-made special flame-retardant material. While boasting high flame-retardant properties, this product also offers a soft texture and feel due to its blend with cotton and knit manufacturing process.

Please note that while flame-retardant fibers have been confirmed to be resistant to spreading flames in tests defined by the international standard ISO, they are not completely non-flammable.
Generally, fibers with an L.O.I value of 26 or higher are considered to be flame-retardant, and this product has an L.O.I value of 30.1.

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