Bushcraft Knife LH

Prominence MH-001LH(Left-handed)

Please note that this item is designed for left-handed users.

Price 価格 ¥52,000(including tax¥57,200)

Introducing the ultimate camping knife - a bushcraft masterpiece with a patented asymmetrical blade shape (PAT: 1683276). Unique and reliable, it's perfect for camping. Try it out and see for yourself.
Please note that this item is designed for left-handed users.
Now On Sale (Global) 14. June. 2024


Full Length 230mm
Blade Length 107mm
Weight 250g
Blade Material HS⁴01 High-strength special stainless steel
Handle Material Rose Wood
Screw Material Slotted screw SUS304
Sheath Material Tochigi-Leather

The long-awaited left-handed bushcraft knife MH-001 has been released in limited quantities.

The asymmetrical specification has just been mirrored of the right-handed Prominence MH-001.

Saber blade: on the right side when held
Convex blade: on the left side when held
Additionally, the sheath is designed exclusively for left-handed use.

How does the left-handed version differ from the right-handed one?

The blade shape is mirrored.
Exclusive sheath for left-handed
Display box for left-handed

As for the left-handed specification, please refer to the right-handed one.

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