Pro Cut Saw Mini
Khaki-Green Collection


Now On Sale (Global) 14. June. 2024

Price 価格 ¥2,990(including tax¥3,289)

This is a set consisting of a woodworking saw and a carry case, both produced in Sanjo, a renowned town for tools. It features a stylish two-stage adjustable folding saw that is ideal for camping and everyday use. Four colors are available in khaki green, black, wine red, and ice gray.
Now On Sale (Global) 14. June. 2024

SpecPro Cut Saw Mini

Pro Cut Saw Mini 125mm
Saw type General Wood
Full Length 280mm (When in use)
165mm (When folded)
Weight 147g
Blade Length 125mm
Blade Material SK-85 + Induction hardening
Blade Thickness 0.6mm
Blade Pitch 1.75mm
Blade Coating Clear Coating
Kerf Width Kerf setting : 0.9mm
Handle Material Steel & Rubber
Made in Tsubame-Sanjo(JPN)
Carrying Case
Color Khaki-Green
Length 205mm
Width 50mm
Weight 48g
Material Polypropylen
Made in China

The only captivating saw you want to carry.

A Saw as a Tool.
We aim to create not just a tool but an outdoor gear that becomes a part of your fashion—a captivating saw.

As an item that adds color to your camping scenes, this saw enhances every moment, whether in use or simply being present, elevating the ambiance to a higher level.

Experience the joy of ownership with a saw that combines professional-grade performance with added pride of possession.

Muthos Homura's signature saw also features double branding.

The Prominence MH-001, like the Pro Chef Knife, features our meticulously crafted double branding. This folding saw is designed to be visually appealing from both sides. Even when folded, the branding is visible, and when stored in its case, only the Muthos Homura logo is visible, serving as a subtle design accent.

Professional Saw Made in Sanjo , Japan.

The 125mm blade is specifically designed for woodworking with set teeth. It has two adjustable angles, making it easy to cut through thick branches.
 ※‘Set teeth’ refer to the saw blade teeth being alternately bent left and right to prevent binding during cutting. The blade thickness is 0.6mm, and the cutting width is 0.9mm.
 ※Replacement blades cannot be purchased separately.
 ※The tightness of the opening and closing can be adjusted to your preference using a coin or a similar object.

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