Titunium Ultra Light Lid Plate


Now On Sale (Global) 14. June. 2024

Price 価格 ¥1,950(including tax¥2,145)

Thanks to its lightweight, this titanium lid plate is ideal not only for a Sierra cup but also for cooking in outdoor and mountain climbing scenes."
Now On Sale (Global) 14. June. 2024


Type Lid Plate (Cannot be heated directly)
Size φ130mm(W)×11mm(H)
Capacity max 120ml
Weight 30g
Material Pure Titanium
Made in Tsubame-Sanjo(JPN)

It's as light as a green pepper.
This ultralight lid plate is highly resistant to corrosion.

Even 1 gram lighter matters when mountain climbing. An unbreakable item has been born.

By combining with UL-SC480Ti or UL-SC320Ti, it can be used as a lid during heating or as a plate during meals.
Made of titanium and highly resistant to rust, it can be used in harsh environments.

Note: Due to its thinness, this lid plate cannot be used directly over an open flame. It can be used for indirect cooking, such as a lid.

By combining the three items of the Ultra Light series,
you can carry them compactly.

From left,
Titanium Ultra Light Sierra Cup Deep Type UL-SC480Ti 75g
Titanium Ultra Light Sierra Cup UL-SC320Ti 50g
Titanium Ultra Light Lid Plate UL-LP120Ti 30g

3in1 Total weight is only 155 grams!

We are also considering adding cases and covers to our lineup in the future. Stay tuned!

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