Titanium Ultra Light Sierra Cup Deep Type


Now On Sale (Global) 14. June. 2024

Price 価格 ¥3,900(including tax¥4,290)

Unique multi-functional 15-scale designed for outdoor activities and mountain climbing.
Lightweight titanium Deep Sierra cup suitable for cooking (480ml)
Now On Sale (Global) 14. June. 2024


Type Deep (Can be heated directly)
Size φ120mm(W)×56mm(H) ×180mm(D)
Capacity max 480ml
Weight 75g
Material Pure Titanium (Cup&Handle)
Made in Tsubame-Sanjo(JPN)

The one and only Sierra cup with 15 amazing markings.

This is a lightweight and versatile Sierra cup specialized for mountaineering and camping.
Unlike the UL-SC320Ti, it is equipped with 7 scales.

※Cup Meshi etc. is anticipated to be instant rice.
※Please be sure to check the specific water amounts recommended by the instant food manufacturers before use.

As light as a LL-sized egg.
It's an ultralight cup that also boasts excellent corrosion resistance.

Even 1 gram lighter matters when mountain climbing. This durable titanium Sierra cup weighs only 75 grams as light as a LL-sized egg and is capable of direct-fire cooking. It's the ultimate in lightweight gear.

※Note : The image is UL-SC320Ti.

It features double markings. We've also designed the orientation of the bottom mark with care.

Features double markings for accurate measuring and a design that keeps the logo facing forward when hung. It also looks great as a decor piece after washing.

※The image is UL-SC320Ti.

By combining the three items of the Ultra Light series,
you can carry them compactly.

From left,
Titanium Ultra Light Sierra Cup Deep Type UL-SC480Ti 75g
Titanium Ultra Light Sierra Cup UL-SC320Ti 50g
Titanium Ultra Light Lid Plate UL-LP120Ti 30g

3in1 Total weight is only 155 grams!

We are also considering adding cases and covers to our lineup in the future. Stay tuned!

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