Mr. Kevin, America de Outdoor conducted a rust test on our Prominence MH-001.

We have received a rust test video of the Prominence MH-001 from Mr. Kevin, America de Outdoor. He compared products from some manufacturers, so the video will be a good oppotunity to learn about our knife.

In a 24-hour water application test, it was demonstrated that our product has rust resistance equivalent to Elmax and MagnaCut.

Since our knife uses a unique steel called HS⁴01 high-strength special stainless steel, comparing with other knives before purchase was very difficult. However, by watching Mr. Kevin’s YouTube video, you will surely learn that the material has excellent hardness, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

Please note : We recommend thorough wiping and oiling after use with seawater or food to maintain the knife. We hope you will take good care of Prominence MH-001 and use it for many years. Mr. Kevin, thank you very much for the video!

Muthos Homura