Replacement Handle for DIY Customization (with screws)

Rose-wood handle of Prominence MH-001/LH

Released on June 24 (Global)

Price ¥3,900

This is a genuine rosewood replacement handle that allows for original customization of the Prominence MH-001 / MH-001 LH.

The handle does not feature a logo mark, so it allows you to file it into your preferred shape and create a one-of-a-kind handle. Additionally, two screws are included so that it enables you to modify the screw areas as well.

The standard Prominence MH-001 undergoes a polishing process to enhance the fit between the blade and the handle. Please note that attaching the replacement handle may result in a slight level difference.

For a finishing touch, applying oil to the wooden handle is recommended to bring out its color and gloss.
Released on June 24 (Global)

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