Additional Hilt Option for Prominence MH-001/MH-001LH Plated Silver Finish

Released on June 24 (Global)

Price ¥1,950

These hilt parts are compatible with Prominence MH-001 / MH-001 LH.

Made with a special resin containing FRP for superior strength, using stereolithography 3D printing technology.
Mechanical fastening is done with a flathead screw and U-nut.

Available in three colors:

White (unpainted) - can be colored with spray paint, etc.
Silver with a metallic finish
Matte black finish
*Please note that the paint quality may have slight inconsistencies.
Please refer to the included installation manual for mounting instructions and perform the installation yourself.

Please be aware that attaching this part will make the sheath button fasten tightly, and with long-term use, there is a possibility that the leather band may stretch.

As these parts are made to order, it may take up to one week to complete.
Released on June 24 (Global)

Important Notice for Purchase

When batoning with this hilt part attached, please make sure to keep the hilt away from the wood to avoid contact with the hilt part.
There is a possibility that the thin-walled section may get damaged if it gets caught between the wood.

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