FRP handle of Prominence MH-001/ MH-001 LH(with screws) Hand-Hammered / White(Unpainted) Size-L(0.97″/24.6mm)

Released on June 24, 2024 (Global)

Price ¥13,000

This distinctive handle is inspired by the traditional hammered pattern craft from Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture.

Made using a photopolymer 3D printing method with a special resin containing FRP, which offers excellent strength.
Only the handle is sold, and screws are included.

The handle is designed to be smaller than the blade, so if the edge is a concern, we recommend treating it with a diamond sharpener or metal file.

Available in two colors:

White (Unpainted): Can be colored with spray paint, etc.
Matte Black Coating (Three-layer coat of primer and matte clear): +¥2,600
Handle thickness is available in three sizes (Standard wooden handle thickness is 0.87"/22.0mm:

Size L (0.97”/24.6mm): Protrusion - Fixing Screw < Handle
Size M (0.89"/22.6mm): Protrusion - Fixing Screw = Handle
Size S (0.81"/20.6mm): Protrusion - Fixing Screw > Handle
By combining with separately sold hilt option parts, you can further customize it into a unique piece just for you.

As this is made to order, it may take about two weeks for shipment.

*The photo shows Size-L.

Release Date: June 24, 2024 (Global)
Released on June 24, 2024 (Global)

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